Revisiting old projects

Word – Type Specimen

Initial feedback I received from a tutor on my type specimen included widening the gutters between the columns of text, making the ampersand larger, and putting the information on the page in a bolder font. From improving on several of these comments, I also worked on formative feedback I had received at the end of my first term. This included developing the rag, small and quick fixes with regards to the leading in the elements at the bottom of the page, but also developing these elements further in terms of the layout. On the right hand side is the improved version based on both feedback I received from the tutor. What I think I could have improved on in this project is possibly exploring further with what more I could have done with the elements at the bottom of the page. I also think I could have saved a lot more space with exploring these elements by limiting the amount of words I used in the information included in the specimen. Overall, I was very happy with how I paid great attention to showing respect for the typeface Caslon Pro.

Narrative – Designboom Super Seven

Above is the piece of ephemera for the project I submitted for formative assessment. I received my formative feedback at the end of the term. Through the peer feedback I received from a fellow student, he heavily criticised me on the lack of consistency in the final design. I thought the pages fitted together fairly well considering how difficult it was to work with the lengthy interviews.

The formative feedback I received from my tutor was much more constructive and carefully thought through. The only things he thought I could have improved on were type detailing by fixing widows and orphans in some places, addition of quotes, and exploration of possible layout designs for the front and back cover to make them look more visually exciting.

Based on this feedback I received I came up with this new design:

For this new design I wanted to aim for a much more contemporary, sharp and smart design. I wanted everything to look more symmetrical. For the front and back cover I thought by sticking to just numbers and letters instead of including shapes, this would make the cover much more open. I thought more carefully about how to lay out the information on the page. I decided to end up using Helvetica throughout the entire design because of its sharpness.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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