Changing Faces – Final Development

Based on feedback from the tutor, I created a new document under the same square dimensions as I had with the previous design; 315 x 315 mm.

I knew I wanted to keep the illustrations and typography I had created to portray the concept presented in the article from the previous design. Small improvements I first made were making the body copy smaller to 12pt and changing the typeface used from Euphemia UCAS to Adobe Caslon Pro. This allowed me more room to experiment with other layouts I had in mind. I kept with the same layout design for the first double page, only I made the cherry tree illustration smaller to allow more room for the title to stand out. I had to add the ‘Outer Glow’ effect to the title so it wasn’t as illegible with the illustration behind.

By taking the circular shape away from the illustration and adding roots below the tree, this made the space seem a lot more open and welcoming into inviting the reader to delve deeper into the concept I wanted to portray from the article.

The tutor had also pointed out that I could make use of the strong colour of the cherry tree to use in the background of one of the pages to make them seem collaborative. I experimented with various swatches to use from the colour theme tool to pick one that best suited the colours used in the illustration.

From the previous design I also wanted to experiment with typography for this page. I wanted to make the ‘TRUTH vs TRUMP’ concept spread across the two pages making it as large as possible. I experimented with various effects I could add to the layers, such as adding a shadow behind the text and using various layer effects on ‘TRUMP’.

I looked at making use of physical materials, such as acrylic paint and chalk. I ended up using chalk because of the effect it had on the paper and the design itself. It was gritty and rebellious which was an element I wanted to show in the overall design. I inverted image I took of the chalk so that the white would stand out from the cherry red background.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 14.36.00.png

For the final double page spread, I decided to use a similar layout as I had with the previous design. By using the same illustration, which I had edited in Adobe Illustrator to make into shapes and invert the colours, I then looked at picking out a quote from the fable of President Trump which the author had created in the article, which had pivotal importance in the concept I wanted to bring forward in the article to influence my illustrations. I wanted the quote to spread over the two pages to make the layout more interesting and allow room for the pull quote. I had also taken out a large amount of text, which amounted to just over the minimum word count required for the project. I kept the colour of the background black to portray the ‘dark, divisive and pessimistic’ reality of Trump that the author had discussed in the article. By changing the colour of the text to the same colour used in the background in the previous spread, this further portrayed the concept of the cherry tree fables.

I presented my development of the piece to the group and received constructive feedback from them. Simple improvements I could have made to the piece was developing the rag and type detailing of the body copy, making all the pull quotes lower case, changing the brightness, vibrancy and saturation of the cherry tree illustration on the first page to fit more with the red colours used on the next two spreads, and also increasing the scale of that cherry tree given the importance of the concept I wanted to reference to.



Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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