Changing Faces – Putting things together

My next step in the making of the editorial design for the ‘Changing Faces’ project was putting the content into an InDesign document. For now I will be working with the minimum dimensions specified in the brief, 315mm x 225mm. With these sizes it would make my layout designs in those dimensions more flexible, allowing me to experiment with other sizes. I first placed the illustration of the cherry blossom tree into InDesign on the first page of the document and worked towards working with a few sketches of layouts I had designed. This allowed me to look at what type settings and grid layouts I could use with the picture, and what would best suit the tone of the article. Below are the sketches of the layouts I designed.

For the headings I used the typeface ‘Bebas Neue’, which I found online. I liked using it because of its strength within the double page spread and informing the tone of the article. I used Helvetica in regular for the content of the article. By setting a theme for the first double page, the theme would need to remain throughout the other two double page spreads. In the final layout design you can see, I added a callout to the right page of a quote from President Trump, stating ‘I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right.’ I liked this quote because of its short and bold tone, yet it reflected both his big ego and in what is some case to be true of him. I will now continue to experiment with using the sketches of layouts I have created and experimenting with the layouts I have taken inspiration from to create my own. This will help inform my ideas and help me come up with new designs as I delve further into making my designs work for the tone of the chosen article. I will also continue to experiment with my imagery and conceptual ideas to further investigate into possible layout designs, and experiment further with typography.

I printed out the final layout above and used it in a group tutorial so we could give feedback on each other’s work. I received many compliments on my illustration of the cherry tree, the use of negative space in the layout, and the use of colours of keywords in the quote on the right page. I received other useful feedback which included reducing the point size, exploring further with the dimensions of the page, looking at more layouts, and keeping the heading the main point of focus for the double page spread instead of keeping the attention of the callout.

I created a new document with the possibility of adding one or two more illustrations. Moving forward I looked back at my research of layout designs, focusing on what made them successful and what attracted my attention to them. The Creative Review was a key inspiration into the dimensions and the layout. I liked how negative space was used and how lines were put into the pages to separate columns, titles and pictures. Only did I realise when coming to designing interesting layouts for the square space, did I realise how difficult and constraining this was. By looking carefully into the design of the article pages in the Creative Review I began to grasp an idea. With the help of my illustrations and creative typography ideas, I managed to come up with a layout that was visually interesting as well as being able to show a clear path for the eye.

By experimenting further with typography I looked back into my research to find that some had featured handwritten or painted text. By using Adobe Illustrator I was able to create different brushes based on the tone of the article. I wanted to make the design look rebellious to show the concept portrayed by the author; that Trump wanted to replace the cherry tree which was symbolic of honesty. Another reason I wanted to include an element of handwritten text was that it showed a personal and unique trait and it looked interesting on the page.

I felt as if the title page was missing something in the background. To make the design look more personal I used Adobe Illustrator to paint the American flag in my own style. I used the brushes I had created to paint the typography for the title of the page. I placed the author’s name at the bottom of the page between two lines using the font DIN Condensed in Bold with a point size of 34. I placed the picture of the American flag into the document and applied a small drop shadow behind it so it would contrast from the flat text for the title. For the rest of the article I used the font ‘Euphemia UCAS’ for its simplicity. The pull quotes used DIN Condensed.

On the second page I applied colours I used for the stripes of the American flag on the title page into the pull quote telling the fable of the cherry tree based on Trump. I also added an illustration I modified from a drawing in Adobe Illustrator. I placed it in a circle so it differed from the rectangular shapes I used for the overall layout design. The illustration represented the quote on the third page which I pulled out from the text.

In the final two pages I wanted to keep it simple but I also wanted to include an artistic typographic element to one of the pages. Originally I had the word ‘TRUTH’ in the same font used in the pull quotes and the name ‘TRUMP’ in front of it. Instead I decided to use a bristle brush in Illustrator, linking it to the title page of the document. This made the three pages fit together nicely as a set, keeping the style relatively consistent throughout.

Another idea I took into consideration was inverting the colour of the background from white to black. With keeping the same dimensions as the white square shaped design, I adjusted the layout design and imagery slightly. I decided to include my first illustration of the red and pink coloured cherry tree. On the final double page, I also included the concept I wanted to take from the fable of President Trump that the author had written about.

On the second double page, however, I wanted to make the colour theme less patriotic to keeping similar colours used in the American flag. By using the ‘TRUTH’ and ‘TRUMP’ idea I had in the previous design, I instead decided to use the same text. By making use of effects on layers in Photoshop (initially), this made the ‘TRUMP’ on ‘TRUTH’ look more sophisticated. I applied the ‘Hard Light’ effect to the layer of the ‘TRUMP’ text, over the solid white ‘TRUTH’.




Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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