Changing Faces

With a start to a new project, titled ‘Changing Faces’, we were given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills we have gained throughout our first year through designing an editorial piece. By using typography, image making, conceptual development and story-telling, we were tasked with crafting the editorial piece based around an ongoing topic/issue within the world today. We had one article to choose from out of ten,¬†interpreting it through type and image. The design, concept and images within the piece would have to be our own original work, spreading across six pages. These six pages could either be made up of 3 double pages OR 2 double page spreads and 2 single pages.

Below are what key points I have to consider in the development of this project.

After reading through the ten articles, I narrowed my choices down to three articles to choose from. I based my choices around which articles I could quickly create ideas from, and which most interested and engaged me into researching more about the topic/issue. I created a mind map out of the three articles.


From noticing which article had the most stems leading onto ideas, I chose the article ‘Can President Trump Handle the Truth?’ I also made another mind map looking at what imagery and typography ideas I could go forward with. I also annotated the article itself with other quick ideas after I read through it a few times.


By narrowing down my choices of concepts to use in the editorial piece, it would also help in me being able to fit just over half of the article into four pages at most, which would allow plenty of room for me to experiment with typography and imagery.





Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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