Acting upon Dyslexia

For a new project called ‘Design as Activism’, we were placed into groups of four to create a 45-60 second animation, a piece of printed ephemera, and a piece of digital ephemera.

For this new project we were required to choose an issue between the people in the groups we were placed into. The group I was placed into at first hand originally didn’t work out due to complications of attendance for the group, and so I was placed into another. The new group had already decided on the issue of the learning disability of dyslexia.

By gathering my own research, I had created a quick mind map and summary of what forms of dyslexia there were, famous people who have/had dyslexia, and solutions and support for living with dyslexia in both school and working in a job. To express and show to people what it is like having dyslexia, we came up with the idea of basing the animation and ephemera on typography, since trouble with reading and writing is the main issue for people suffering with dyslexia. I also thought that we could show what areas of the brain cause the symptoms of dyslexia. By making minimalistic and simple images through transformations of images to type, and the reverse this would engage the viewer and make the topic more interesting. Also, by simply looking for statistical information online and speaking to students who suffer with dyslexia, this would put our work into context.

To discuss this issue it would make people more aware of how considerate they should be with people suffering with it, and even make them aware if they themselves are suffering with dyslexia. Most information we have found about dyslexia comes from the NHS website.

We also thought of making significant use of kinetic type where we make letters and words move, to link to how some forms of dyslexia make the reader think that the text is moving. To make the text illegible we will experiment with overlaying text, handwriting text, ripping and distorting text, etc.

I have created a new board on Pinterest called ‘Dyslexia – Learning Disability‘ in search for inspiration for the topic.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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