Plastic Brains

Having discussed the ways in which the human body has shaped through time to fit to different cultures, I now wonder what and how my body would have been shaped in a different country with a different culture, or even in a different century.

With an ever-evolving society, currently filled with technology, I speculate at how technology has changed so quickly in the past fifty years.

The Victorian Revolution had changed everything we knew of the world. Scientists, inventors, designers and artists changed society’s perspective of the world, constantly looking to impress and see a new light with what more human beings could fulfill in life. Human beings were no longer afraid to discover the nature of science, life, and explore the depths of the world. Through this time, peoples’ minds had been transformed, with more children being taught in schools around the world. Children were becoming more intelligent by molding their brains to suit new theories and sciences; which in some cases made these young people wonder even further to discover what others thought were impossible before.

Along with science and industrialism, came theory; theory of evolution. Many theorists believe that we had started as simple organisms and grew over millions of years to become what we are today; homo sapiens. Our brains and bodies grew to attain the change in climate, culture and inventions and discoveries of tools and farming. For example, farming has shaped our gut because of the change in bio-chemical nature. Another example is lactose intolerance, which dates back to 6500 to 7500 years ago. Another is processed food, where food had become easier to eat by changing the chemical structure of ingredients. This food has changed the structure of the jaw and teeth because processed food was softer and easier to eat, whereas millions of years ago, human beings had to manage with what they could find immediately to survive. Our lives would have been shorter because bacteria was so easily spread without advanced medicine and hygiene. However, bacteria has evolved as well. Some bacteria have become immune to what medicines we have used, which meant that further advances had to be made.

At the end of the presentation we had to choose an object which shapes our minds or bodies, mentally or physically. Me and my group chose the modern day mobile phone and how we grasp it in our hands. As you notice many people use their pinkie fingers to hold their phone upright in their hand, which overtime makes a dent in the middle of the finger because of how much we use our phones today. And mentally through social media, our minds adapt to what ideals of objects, human beings, and relationships are seen as approved. However, more cultures are being accepted today because of the growth and popularity in traditions.

This knowledge into the philosophy of history and evolution could be useful in my essay and to me as a practitioner in graphic communication. As a designer, I need to adapt to these changes to suit the eye of the public and what is seen as moral or ethical. I am not yet certain about how this will change the way I look at the world and what is around me. This certainly makes me weary of how quickly this generation could change because of technology. This theory could make human beings less aware of their surroundings making us less communicative and sociable with each other, considering how attached and reliable we are on technology. As a next step I need to be aware of how valuable communication is.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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