The Mighty Tool

Having experienced drawing and writing my entire life, I now question as to what tools I have yet to use and acquire, with them becoming part of my body, mind, thoughts, and life, and an extension of my own hand. Most importantly I have learned that these invisible inter-relationships I have with a pen, the extensions to a computer, a paintbrush, or a book of any context, I have thought even deeper about how these relationships have come so naturally to my process of working and producing artefacts.

Through time we have built new tools and machines to mould with the mind and make these tools as easily workable to the use of any man or woman. Depending on how we use these tools, it shapes how the users final outcome will look like. For example, we keep a firm grip on a pen to make curving or sharp and neat lines on the page. If we were to grab hold of a pen loosely, we would lose control of the pen where the ink would bleed further into the page because of gravity, and the nib would fall into random places because of this gravity. Muscles will have developed in our fingers, hands, wrists and arms and the bones would take hold of these muscles to move the pen effectively. I have significantly developed my understanding that these tools and machines that we use would not have the ability to understand our language. However we will gain the ability to understand theirs. This makes me feel vulnerable to wanting to learn to use other new tools and machines in the future. With the knowledge that things aren’t made but grown, I will try to incorporate this theory into every piece of my work with every new tool or machine that I use to create a product.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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