Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the main factors we needed to consider with our new project was layout and composition of content required on each page, to be made aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of designers, creatives and illustrators; the guests of the event we will be creating the ephemera for, as specified in the brief. On Friday we received another presentation on Layout and Editorial. We recapped on the basic principles of balance and contrast, symmetry, hierarchy, grids, page margins, columns, detailing, and line length.

After recapping on layout we were then set a task on judging line length, kerning, tracking, leading, and rag. This would enable us to judge our own work when coming to edit text on InDesign in the final outcome of the ephemera.


We then moved onto a task of arranging layouts that worked for the following:

  • Portrait, symmetrical
  • Landscape, symmetrical
  • Portrait, asymmetrical
  • Landscape, asymmetrical

We were required to include at least one title/heading, one rectangular piece of text, and one image. We were required to consider shape, how the composition leads the eye, and understand composition when it comes to making use of white/blank space to make the design as aesthetically pleasing as possible, which would come to help us in designing our ephemera.

After producing three compositions, in pairs we then discussed what one composition could be improved, by changing the composition or splitting/adding text.

After identifying improvements we made a photocopy of it. We cut out the elements and again adjusted the shapes and composition of the page. To keep my piece landscape and symmetrical, I decided that the circularly cropped images would be positioned on the page next to each other in the centre. Then I split the rectangular piece of text in half and put each half under the image. As you can notice the composition of the page looked significantly stronger.

For the weekend we were asked to conduct our own research by searching for aesthetically pleasing double page layouts which benefitted from using white space.

Here are thirteen layouts that have particularly caught my eye:


I found these thirteen double page layouts on Pinterest. I tried to look for layouts that contained interesting shapes and different sized elements on the page. I was also interested in layering of images. This made the layouts more interesting to look at, and especially aesthetically pleasing. I plan on using similar layouts in my piece of ephemera depending on the amount of text and the size of the images placed on an A5 document.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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