After the class presented the work we had produced from the Image module in the morning, we were then introduced to our next module, Narrative.

Immediately, we had been briefed by the year tutor with the project for the module, the ‘Ephemera Project’. Ephemera are things that exist, are used or enjoyed for a limited amount of time. Our ephemera is going to be used for the Designboom Super Seven event in Cardiff. To aid us in creating the piece of printed ephemera, we will be required to conduct research into what makes an effective piece of ephemera, taking into consideration that the event will be holding graphic designers, illustrators and creatives as guests. Our piece of printed ephemera will need to be sixteen pages of an A5 booklet, including the cover. We were provided with the content for the booklet in a Word document. This content would then be used in the booklet. What we are required to do is choose a typeface and develop a visual language for the piece of ephemera. Although the final piece of ephemera will be printed in black and white, we were allowed to use coloured paper stock, only of one colour. Above all the piece ephemera would need to be aesthetically pleasing, so what I intend to look at for my research are top end magazines which feature good composition, space and design.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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