A Model of the Body

The model of the body within graphic design has changed over years. Design and advertisement has become more prominent within the ever-changing and demanding world. Along with changes in technology, advances have been made into what is named as the idyllic and so called ‘perfect’ body. Today people have changed the boundaries for races, sexualities, ages, and religions, making it possible to manipulate minds through design, image and words. This is what is known as the Cultural model of the body. Mentioned on page 277 from ‘The Meaning of the Body’ by Mark Johnson, to ‘throw like a girl’ is a consequence of ‘social and cultural conditioning’ rather than the ‘physiological essence’. Some discriminatory statements like these from the past have generally had a positive effect on society, forcing those to stand stronger to prove others wrong. For women to prove they can ‘throw’ has come to the extent that Paralympians have been inspired to change others thoughts about what it means to be limited to what they can do. This change in theory has influenced the choice of words others speak and the way an image or collection of words is positioned and scaled on a page or a piece of media.


Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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