The Space Around Us

We were asked to create a piece of expressive typography from our surroundings. The class were separated into groups of three and given a single word to make with the materials and space they had. One group created a word out of shadows of paper, one out of leaves and sticks from the park, and many other interpretations were created from the word they were tasked to express.
My group were given the word ‘plenty’. We came up with ideas together on a mind map of what could represent the word. Initially we thought we could go to the park and create the word out of leaves, however we felt that that would be far too common among the other groups’ choices as well. Our final decision came to using pencil sharpening’s because of the plenty that you could find in the Cardiff School of Art and Design.
We painfully sharpened the pencils ending up with blisters forming on our hands from the rigged wood, and placed out white paper on a table to form the word out of the sharpening’s on top. The first time we took photos of the word, they were out of focus because the camera was put on Manual Focus instead of Auto Focus which was what we needed for the photos to turn out clear and sharp. Unfortunately we threw away the sharpening’s the first time, and so we had to sharpen a load more pencils, grieving for our hands.
We edited the clear photos from the second shoot on Photoshop by adjusting the contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, and curves.
We would have worked better with a computer in the room we were taking photos, a clearer and smoother background to work on, and better lighting to use to make the photos brighter and quicker to edit.



Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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