A Short Story


We were asked to create a poster presenting a Six Word Story related to one of Roald Dahl’s books’; I chose ‘The Twits’. The style of typography that you see in the poster is Hybography. Hybrids are defined as being bred from two individual races, breeds or species. In this case I cut parts out of different fonts of letters. I could only choose two fonts; one font that was Serif and the other Sans Serif. I chose to use Caslon Pro as the Serif font, and Microsoft Sans Serif as the other. By using parts of letters from each font as part of our Six Word Stories, the letters were made to look unique to portray the odd, funny and fictional nature of the books, making the posters look interesting besides sticking to black and white print.

In the morning of the day we learnt about Hybography, we were taught how to use the type tool in Adobe Illustrator, how to separate text, how to use the pen tool to add anchor points to morph text, and how to use the knife tool to cut letters apart; which came of much use while creating the final outcome of the Six Word Story Poster.

Initially we explored and trialled the style of Hybography by picking out verbs. To illustrate what the verbs meant we then started to cut letters apart and replace them with parts of other letters or punctuation. Other ways we attempted to portray the meaning of the words were by changing the baseline, angle and placement of the letter in the shape of the square we had on the page. We initially used pencil and then moved on to use black fine-liner pens to outline the letters and increase the contrast between the black and the white.

The next Tuesday morning, the class attended the Quentin Blake exhibition at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. We looked at many of his most famous works, from books he has created himself, and particularly books he had illustrated for Roald Dahl. There were many initial ideas and sketches on display before final copies were made for books. The rugged and messy nature of his drawings represented the imaginative qualities Roald Dahl had put into his books, which almost imitated what we were doing for our project, only we were working with typography and not illustration or images. We decided it would also be valuable to us to practice drawing in the style of Quentin Blake. At the end we discussed how important his work was as a representative of Roald Dahl’s books to show research that he had conducted before making a start on illustrations.



The next Monday we stuck our posters to a wall. Very few had white text and black backgrounds and some were much to my surprise, landscape. We explained our work to the class and how we portrayed the meaning of each of the words.

This project was of much use to us in understanding typography and how different words can be portrayed through their definitions.



Author: jennifertaylorgraphics

First year student studying Graphic Communication at the Cardiff School of Art and Design

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